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Bike Fitting

Prairie Path Cycles offers professional fitting and mechanic services to insure that riders and their bikes are perfectly tuned. Our staff has experience working with riders of all shapes and sizes-- from the casual tourists to world champions. We can make sure that your bike fits just right. Founder and co-owner Mike Farrell has over 40 years of experience working at the highest level of the sport and will make sure that your bike fits and runs as perfectly as they do for the pros.

All road bike customers receive a complimentary sizing with their purchase, so be sure to bring your shoes and pedals! If you're buying new shoes and new pedals then we will make sure that they are properly aligned. 

Prairie Path Cycles also offers a 'Detailed Bike Fit' that ranges in price from $125 - $150. You'll receive a 25% discount off a 'Detailed Bike Fit' with the purchase of a new road bike. A 'Detailed Bike Fit' includes detailed analysis and measurements to determine the best way to adjust the bike to your body type, flexibility, and alignment.

A Detailed Bike Fit is by appointment only. Contact us today to schedule your fit.