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Surprise someone this year with a new bike

Top 3 ways to surprise someone with a new bike

Helping you find the right bike is one of our specialties. Helping you find the right bike to surprise your special someone is another.

A bike is a gift that will be remembered for years. So, it’s no surprise you’ll want to do something fun for someone special. It can be challenging to surprise someone, a test ride is often part of choosing a bike and it can be tricky to store a bike until the gift event, but not if we help! 

We’ll make sure your new bike is ready and we offer home delivery. 

To help new bike buyers we’ve put together the following countdown of our top 3 favorite ways to plan a new bike surprise!

We deliver on Christmas Eve morning

#3: Hold, Schedule & Surprise

The surprise plan works like this.

Come in and put a bike or two on hold…don’t worry we’ll work with you to pick out the bikes. With the bikes on hold, our team will help plan a time to reveal the bikes in our store. 

One family blindfolded their kids and drove them to our store. Whatever your plan is, be safe and have fun, we’ll be ready when you get here – Surprise!

#2: Let’s Just Look, Surprise

This fantastic plan can be done in two ways.

1) Call ahead and tell us what type of bike you think your special someone would like and we’ll work with you to make sure we have them ready. Tell your someone special you’re just going to look, but you buy them the bike – Surprise!

2) Several weeks ahead of the gift event call us so were in on the surprise. Bring your someone special into the store and have them test ride a few bikes to find the size and color they like best. We’ll add notes to your customer account on what you looked at. Sometime that next week buy or order the bike, we’ll work with you on when to pick up the bike or we’ll deliver it, built and ready to go – Surprise!

#1: Buy & Hide Surprise

This plan gives you maximum bike surprise value and is very simple to plan. You get an idea of what type of bike your special someone would like, just ask them, then you give us a call or stop in and we’ll recommend some great options and walk you through how best to buy or order the bike. When you have the bike purchased you can bring the bike home and hide it until the gift event or we’ll deliver it, built and ready to go – Surprise!

Questions to ask when buying a new bike

If you’re buying a new bike, these are great questions to have answered

The team at Prairie Path Cycles are excited to help make all of your bike buying experiences fantastic. We know choosing the right bike for someone, surprise or not, can take some thought. To help you get started we recommend you review these tips on good questions to ask when buying a new bike

  • How tall and how old is the rider?
  • What kind of bike are they replacing?
  • Where do they like to ride and how far?
  • What two colors do they like?

We’re here to help, just let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll do what we can!

We’ll recommend some great bikes and we deliver!